Tucson Airport Transportation & Town Car Service (520)203-2218 24hrs/day

Reasons to ride instead of fly to or from Phoenix:

Price:  Most airlines charge at least $100 per passenger to Phoenix, our rate is $275 for up to 4 passengers so definately cost effective for couples.

Comfort: You are not allowed to use cell phones or laptops during flight but you may use them while riding in our sedan.

Time: The time you spend driving or riding from your home or resort to Tucson Airport (commonly 20 minutes to 1 hour) could be spent on the way to Phoenix Airport and although the flight to Phoenix only takes 15 minutes you still have to navigate security and wait for the airline to be ready not to mention delays and possible cancellations. Phoenix to Tucson averages about 2 hours from Tucson and you can schedule the ride so you're not wasting any time waiting at the Phoenix airport.

 Less Stress: Don't worry about missing your connection, having your flight cancelled, or sitting in a small cramped plane.

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